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2.017: April 7-9

Norfolk's first gaming festival. Currently downloading its second year...
Events and activities added regularly:
Dev Con

The 6th floor will host a professional level conference for tech and game developers.

Game Jam

Artists, programmers, musicians, designers, and testers team up to create their own games in under 48 hours!


Come test the latest Virtual Reality tech with local developers.


PixelFest is free; please support the event by grabbing a souvenir from one of our fantastic vendors!

Smash 4 Tournament

Compete for the crown or just play few casual rounds.

Minecraft EDU

Kids can take the classes or just play on their own during free play time.

Starship Horizons

Find out what it’s like to be a Bridge Officer in this fun, interactive multi-crew starship simulator.

Art/Design Classes

Interested in learning more about 2D sprites, 3D Models, Sound Design, or Animation? Check back soon for details on FREE classes!

Tech Classes

Want to know how to make video games, apps or websites? Stayed tuned for details on FREE classes.


From the latest console generation, to classic arcade cabinets, and everything in between.

Indie Games

Some are complete; some are sneak peak demos. You won’t want to miss these locally developed games.


Be on the lookout for your favorite geek and gamer characters! Competitions to be held in the forum.

Thank you!

We cannot thank you enough for joining us in 2016. We already can't wait for this coming April.
PixelFest 2.017: April 7-9

PixelFest is Norfolk, VA's first dedicated gaming festival.

It began with Midnight Status, a local indie game development studio. They went to Slover Library to see what it would cost to rent some space for a game jam. (A game jam is a weekend long event in which artists and programmers team-up to create their own games!) The people at Slover loved the idea so much that we teamed up and the rest is history!

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