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April 8-10, 2016
Game Jam
Mario Maker Jam
Smash Bros Tournament
Indie Game Showcase
Unity Bootcamp
Scratch Workshop
Minecraft EDU
Minecraft Playroom
Classic Arcade
Board Games
Swap Fire


April 8-10, 2016 - Norfolk's first dedicated gaming festival

It began with Midnight Status, a local indie game development studio. They went to Slover Library to see what it would cost to rent some space for a game jam. (A game jam is a weekend long event in which artists and programmers team-up to create their own games!) The people at Slover loved the idea so much that they reserved the entire library for one weekend at no cost!

Since then, PixelFest has grown to include many more events to celebrate the joy and art of gaming: programming boot-camps, a Smash Bros tournament, Minecraft blocks for toddlers, board games, an arcade, and more.

We can't tell you how excited we are for April 8. Hope to see you there!

  • Free

    That's right! Everything at PixelFest is free. A huge thank you to Slover Library, Midnight Status, That Game Store, and our many sponsors.

  • Located at Slover Library

    235 E Plume St, Norfolk, VA 23510

  • Registration required for some activities

    While PixelFest is free, space is limited, and registration is required for some of the bigger activities. Please see the registration page for details on how to register on Eventbrite.

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